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"Treat everyone the same and you will see that diversity and inclusion will be the new normal." Be ardent about change!

Brown Girl Thinking

Marketing expert, wife, mother, immigrant, and a firm believer in diversity, equality, inclusion, and empathy. I am the sum of more than half a century of life experience. I invite you to walk in my shoes and see the world from my perspective.

Of Indian descent, born in a Dutch colony in South America, I am #DesiNotDesi. I am born Dutch, but I am not... I am not white, I am not black, and I am so proud of the (dark) brown skin I am in.

I invite you to walk in my shoes and see the world from my perspective. I will talk about  Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. These values matter, so I am sharing my life lessons with you. It is my way of processing things, and maybe, just maybe, it is helpful to you.


Hopefully, my stories will give you a different perspective and food for thought. So here are the thoughts of a 50-something brown woman with little patience for people without manners. And yes, I do believe that a world where equality is the norm is possible!

Feel free to reach out and share your opinion. I believe in constructive feedback. Constructive is the operative word. In the end, we are in it together, so let's reach out with kindness. Your feedback will then always be appreciated.

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